08/23/2013 09:50 EDT | Updated 08/26/2013 01:19 EDT

Lady Gaga Loves Her Sheer Bubble Pants (PHOTOS)

Bubble pants? Psh, it's just another wacky day in the life of Lady Gaga.

The 27-year-old singer was spotted strolling around New York City on Thursday in an outfit that was considerably more subdued (for Gaga) than her usual costumes.

Sporting a voluminous white satin top and pants, the "Applause" singer looked almost modest, that is until her profile revealed sheer see-through panels which resembled bubble wrap.

Question: What is the point of wearing sheer pants? Why not just go pantsless? These are the Mother Monster mysteries we will never solve.

One thing's for sure: The meat dress connoisseur must have been feeling a lot less hot in the airy ensemble than when she wore the skintight black leather catsuit the previous day. Now there's a reason to go pantsless!

The "Born This Way" crooner has been making a lot of wardrobe changes lately as part of her promotion for her upcoming album "ARTPOP" and the new music video for "Applause" which debuted earlier this week.

Typical Gaga; she just can't stay away from showing off her derriere.

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