08/23/2013 02:49 EDT | Updated 08/26/2013 09:18 EDT

That's Uncomfortable: Miley Cyrus's Short Shorts Almost Reveal Her Butt (PHOTOS)

Every week, we take a look at a celebrity who's wearing an uncomfortable-looking outfit and lovingly dissect their decision.

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This Week: Miley Cyrus

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That's Uncomfortable Fashion Crime: Short shorts

She went pantsless in Canada, wore "Pretty Woman" thigh-high boots and brought back mom jeans to the masses. (Girl really likes to be half-naked.)

But Miley Cyrus' latest outfit may take the cake for being her riskiest EVER (even more risqué than that short skirt).

The 20-year-old uploaded a selfie on Instagram this week which shows the pixie-haired "We Can't Stop" singer in twerking position wearing denim short shorts that rival Paulina Gretzky's bum-baring outfits.

"Dear VMAs, I am about to fvvvvckkkkk yoooooo shitttttt uppppppppp. Love, Miley," the, um, outspoken singer wrote.

You heard her MTV VMAs, watch out!

We're a bit afraid that Liam Hemsworth's fiancée is going to rip open the shorts thanks to her uncompromising position, which involves getting thisclose to a life-sized pink bear. Dear Miley: Please find a pair of shorts that cover your butt!

On the plus side, we're digging her Gwen Stefani-inspired double-bun hairdo and Dr Martens.

What do you think of Miley's look?

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