08/23/2013 08:31 EDT | Updated 10/23/2013 05:12 EDT

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford takes down Hulk Hogan

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford defied the odds to beat wrestling icon Hulk Hogan in an arm-wrestling match at Toronto's Fan Expo this morning.

"I own this town, man!" Ford yelled as he beat the 14-time pro wrestling champ.

Even Ford was initially pessimistic about his chances.

“I don’t know if I’m going to win the arm-wrestle, but we’ll see," he told reporters Thursday. "I haven’t lifted too many weights lately. We’ll see what happens."

Hogan entered the room to applause and his old wrestling theme music. Ford entered the room in a suit and tie, but ripped off his jacket and tie in a flurry of adrenaline directly before the match.

Moments after winning, Ford raised his arms in victory and Survivor's Eye Of The Tiger played in the background.

"It encourages people to come to this city, creates jobs and stimulates the economy," said Ford of the stunt match. "I'd like to thank the Hulkster for coming to town."

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, is scheduled to hold an "uncensored" question-and-answer session on Friday evening.