08/24/2013 14:46 EDT | Updated 10/24/2013 05:12 EDT

Montreal mayor hopeful Marcel Côté wants to attract families to city

Montreal mayoral candidate Marcel Côté unveiled his platform on Saturday, pledging to attract more young families to the Island of Montreal.

Côté's candidacy is backed by Vision Montréal and he outlined his platform while standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Vision Montréal leader Louise Harel.

Harel announced in July that she would drop out of the race to support Côté.

Côté is running on a coalition government, which would replace Montreal’s historically partisan governance structure.

Côté says that while Montreal is a primarily French city, everyone should feel welcome here.

“Probably all of us switch from one language to another one,” he said to a room full of reporters. “That’s the beauty of Montreal and that’s also the richness of Montreal.”

One of Côté’s proposals is improving access to housing in the city. He is promising to create 2,000 three-room housing units and reserving vacant municipal property for the construction of co-operative family housing.

Côté also proposes reducing speed limits in residential areas and more green spaces.

Another cornerstone of his candidacy deals with collusion in the city’s construction industry.

He says prosecuting construction firms accused of collusion will only tie up the court system and create a shortage of bidders for city contracts.

Instead, Côté says the city should deal directly with the firms linked to corruption.

"Offending companies must repay the amounts the City has overpaid. We should establish a negotiating mechanism with an independent mediation body to help determine the amounts to be repaid," Côté said.

Voters will go to the polls Nov. 3, 2013.