08/24/2013 10:48 EDT | Updated 10/24/2013 05:12 EDT

Naked intruder leaves clothes behind at Whitehorse home

A naked man broke into a Whitehorse home Thursday night and fled when police were called, leaving his clothes behind.

The man stripped off his clothes and left them on the curb outside before entering Jacqui Shorty’s home. He had a shower and made himself a meal.

Her 15-year-old son woke up, discovered the naked man in the house and ordered him to leave.

The man refused to go, leaving only when they dialed the police. He left wearing only a towel stolen from the home.

The woman posted a photograph of the discarded clothing on a Whitehorse Facebook group in a bid to get the public to help identify the culprit.

“My feeling is that this is something that the community needs to be aware of,” Shorty said.

“I just hope that if anybody should see or know who that man was or recognizes the clothes that they'll either contact me or the RCMP and that the RCMP will take it seriously.”

RCMP Const. Dean Hoogland said police are investigating. He said they believe the intruder was highly intoxicated and may have mistakenly entered the wrong home.

Anyone recognizing the clothing is requested to contact the Whitehorse RCMP.