08/24/2013 01:20 EDT | Updated 10/24/2013 05:12 EDT

Trappers hunt bear that stalked 2 women

Two trappers in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley are trying to capture a black bear that chased two young women and kept them trapped for hours.

Bait and traps have been set in the woods, a spokesman for the Department of Natural Resources told CBC News on Saturday.

Lindsay Jones, 25, and Nikki Latta, 23, were in the woods near Port George Monday evening when they encountered a bear. Terrified, they fled and found shelter in an old hunter's shack.

They said the bear pawed at the door and even reached inside a broken window and grabbed at the drapes.

The ordeal ended three hours later when RCMP arrived with their siren blaring and the bear fled.

Natural Resources hired two trappers to track the bear.