08/26/2013 07:24 EDT | Updated 08/26/2013 07:32 EDT

Desmarais RCMP Rescue Goat, Looking For Owner (PHOTO)

Demarais RCMP

Someone has forgotten their goat in Alberta.

Desmarais RCMP were called to a report of a lost goat near the North Wabasca lake on Saturday.

The goat was taken in by the local S.C.A.R.S. animal rescue and Alberta SPCA were advised.

The man who spotted the animal is a long-time resident of the area and knew it was unusual to spot a goat there, according to the Edmonton Journal.

“We believe it might originate from a petting zoo that was travelling through up to 10 days ago,” said Sgt. Brent Meyer to Metro News. “We’re just not certain and we’re hoping to return it to its rightful owner.”

RCMP ask anyone aware of someone missing a goat to contact them at 780-891-3768. Desmarais is located around 300 kilometres north of Edmonton.

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