08/26/2013 10:43 EDT

Huge Overseas: The Hottest Asian Beauty Trends

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Asia has emerged as a hub for new beauty and cosmetics products. How often have you read about a fabulous new product, only to find out that you could only get it in Asia? Then you spend time figuring out how to get your hands on that hot product.

So what are the latest beauty trends to come from Asia? Well, for starters…

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Tissue Masks

Tissue masks -- paper-thin facial masks soaked with regenerative serum -- have been a beauty staple in Asia for years. With companies like Garnier bringing the phenomenon overseas, the days of the mud-and-cucumber facial are numbered.


Products that hydrate the skin -- and keep it hydrated for long periods of time -- are a huge hit overseas. Creams and other products containing hyaluronic acid help pull water into the skin, and enjoy enduring popularity for it.

Beauty drinks

Would you like some collagen in your water? Beauty drinks -- which have added supplements to improve your skin -- are becoming more popular. Beauty teas are also increasing in popularity.


Not just any water; we're talking glacial, deep sea or lagoon water. The logic here is that these waters are purer and have nutrients that can be absorbed into the skin.

Beauty vitamins

They've been around but have recently gained new popularity. Have tired skin? You can pop a vitamin and renew that healthy glow.

Super bright colour

Colour is big -- we're talking bright pinks for the cheeks and lip, orange, and even purples. Red will always be a classic, but it's time for you to experiment with different colours. Break out of the western colour spectrum and you’ll be thankful you did.

Oil Cleansers

When you think oil, you think clogged pores and horrible breakouts. However, cleaning your face and body with oil can lead to better skin. Basically, the oils in the cleansers break down the oils on your skin. This includes makeup and sunblock. Convinced yet?

BB/CC/DD creams

BB creams originated in Asia and have surged in popularity across the world. These all-in-one products -- anti-aging, wrinkle-preventing, acne-busting, skin-correcting products are perfect for the person on-the-go.

Facial mists

We talked about internal hydration, but external hydration is just as important. A facial mist, infused with nutrients, is a great way to refresh your makeup. Have that just-stepped-out-of-the-shower look with none of the hassle.

Skin lightening products

We’re not talking about skin bleaching here! We mean products that can get rid of dark spots from the sun, hyperpigmention, or acne. These products fade dark spots, leaving your skin evenly textured and younger looking.

Snail facials

Facials have always been a tool in skincare, but have you considered a snail facial? The slime from the snails is touted to be very good for the skin. The process can be a bit slow, though.