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Women Dressed As Internet Browsers Photo Shoot Has Fun With Fashion (PHOTOS)

If you were to dress as an Internet browser, what would you be: Vivacious Internet Explorer, racy Firefox, dainty Opera, practical Chrome or swank Safari?

That's what photographer Viktorija Pashuta set to find out when she shot "What If Girls Were Internet Browsers" for Fashion Affair magazine which illustrated how the various Internet browsers would dress if they were women in real life.

Pashuta told HuffPost Canada Style:

"Working as a fashion photographer, most of your creative projects evolve around fashion editorials that usually have one theme and focus mainly on the clothes. This time I wanted to combine fashion and Internet technologies to create something that will speak not only to the fashion crowd. We see Internet browsers icons every day and looking at my desktop screen I came up with the inspirations to glamorize boring icons and bring them to life in a form of beautiful fashionable girls. The idea was not only to show the color resemblance but to look behind the functionality of those browsers. For instance, Internet Explorer is flashy, Firefox sexy, Opera elegant, Chrome utilitarian and Safari - trendy/hip."

In our eyes, every browser featured in the photo shoot is pretty stylish! "Explorer," that old mainstay, wears an on-trend gold cup bra à la Madonna during her "Blonde Ambition" days, a tailored Calvin Klein suit and sexy neon stilettos.

"Firefox" predictably sports a fox fur stole; "Opera" wears a Lady Gaga-inspired Forever 21 mini dress; "Chrome" pops in a colour-blocked ensemble and "Safari" is the trendiest of the bunch in high-waisted pleated pants, sports jacket, lobster necklace and bouffant hairdo.

Which is your favourite?

Women Dresses As Internet Browsers
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