08/29/2013 12:20 EDT | Updated 08/30/2013 02:18 EDT

'Canada's Most Perfect Woman' Sherry Tremblay To Compete For World Title


She may not be the Most Beautiful Woman in the World - yet - but Sherry Tremblay is well on her way to claiming Aishwarya Rai's unofficial title.

The 39-year-old Timmins, Ont., resident recently took home the prize of Canada's Most Perfect woman over the age of 30 in Canada's Perfect fashion competition.

"I was the oldest one there I think," Tremblay said about entering her first pageant ever, "but my reservations didn't stop me. I thought 'why not?' you know, you only live once and I won."

The competition, which took place in Toronto this past weekend, has three categories in which contestants are judged: an opening number, a pageant showcase and a fashion show.

“We got to pick our own outfits, so it really showed off our personalities to the judges,” said Tremblay. “Of course there was an evening gown portion, but the whole experience was really something.”

When the curly-haired cutie found out that she won, she was shocked.

"I obviously don't fit the typical runway model kind of persona," said Tremblay. "I'm not your size 2, size 4 girl, but I was banking more on personality. Also, the one woman that I beat is a model." You go, girl!

The bubbly blond will continue her journey to be the Most Perfect woman in the world when she goes to Florida next year for the international competition. But until then, Tremblay says that she's just happy to have been chosen to represent Canada.

"There are a lot of wonderful, perfect women out there and I'm just a representation of that and I'm hoping that I can make all those women proud."

Well said!

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