08/29/2013 09:01 EDT | Updated 08/29/2013 09:08 EDT

Man Swallows Toe In Dawson City Bar (VIDEO)

Sorry, we may have ruined your meal.

Video evidence has surfaced of a man swallowing a human toe in a Dawson City bar last weekend.

In the video obtained by CBC News, the man, who identifies himself as Josh Clark, is briefed by staff at the Downtown Hotel before he downs the infamous Sourtoe Cocktail. They tell him he only has to let it touch his lips and the fine for downing the toe is $500.

Clark takes off his jacket and knocks back the shot, letting the ancient toe tumble into his mouth. He quickly chases the toe with some beer, then stands, triumphant, as cheers erupt throughout the bar.

"What just happened?" Someone in the bar can be heard saying.

The man then high-fives the bar staff member sitting across from him, who returns it, stunned.

Clark then drops a roll of $100 bills on the table.

Terry Lee, the hotel's "toe captain," who performed the toe ritual, told the Canadian Press the fine has now been upped to $2,500 to deter drinkers from chugging the one toe the hotel has left.

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