08/29/2013 01:23 EDT | Updated 10/29/2013 05:12 EDT

See ya later, alligator: Police round up reptile in Winnipeg home

WINNIPEG - Winnipeg police weren't exactly up to their armpits in alligators this week, but they did have to round up one reptile from a home.

Police say someone called to tip them off about a toothy beast in a house in the St. Vital (vee-TAHL') area.

Officers checked it out Wednesday and found an American alligator just over half a metre long that was apparently being kept as a pet.

American alligators can grow up to 4 1/2 metres in length.

Keeping any alligator as a pet is illegal.

Winnipeg's animal services agency is looking for a zoo to take the animal, which is normally found in southern states such as Florida, Louisiana and Texas.