08/29/2013 12:22 EDT | Updated 10/29/2013 05:12 EDT

West Vancouver residents dispute need for proposed cell phone towers

A proposal from Rogers to build three new cell towers in West Vancouver has residents questioning whether the service is needed.

The 36-metre high towers would be erected over a two-kilometre stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway in West Vancouver and are meant to improve the municipality's wireless service.

But the West Vancouver Cell Towers Action Group questions the claim that 20 per cent of West Vancouver residents have no service.

"All the residents we've spoken to in the area about this service say they do not have any problems with their service," said the group's Elaine Grotefeld on CBC Radio's The Early Edition.

"It's not something they need or want."

Grotefeld also said residents have health and aesthetic concerns about the thin, white towers.

But Marc Draper, manager of radio frequency engineering in Western Canada for Rogers, says the company is following Health Canada's rules.

As for the appearance of the towers, Draper says they are working to come up with designs pleasing to the eye.

"We're working with one of Canada's premier architectural firms to come up with an innovative design for the aesthetics of the tower," said Draper.

It's up to Industry Canada to ultimately approve the towers.