08/28/2013 05:56 EDT | Updated 08/29/2013 07:07 EDT

Summer Vacation: 11 People Who've Had It Worse Than You (PHOTOS, GIFS)


August is almost over and that means the kids will be back in school and summer vacation season is at an end.

For some, that's a bad thing. For others, the start of fall couldn't come soon enough.

Sure, you may think every summer vacation is all about rest, relaxation and prime time to spend with family and friends -- but that's only in principle.

See, the harsh reality -- the reality you don't see on your friend's Facebook albums -- is that part of summer vacations involve flight delays, cancellations, crying kids, broken buses and hot, sticky moments where you'd kill for air conditioning.

Yes, summer vacations have an ugly side to them, but you know what? It could always be worse. Case in point, you could be on vacation with these people.

11 People Who've Had A Worse Summer Vacation Than You

This guy

This girl

This dude who decided now was the time to practice his air guitar

This poor fella who decided to sleep naked in a shared hotel room

Anyone who's had to deal with SouthWest Airlines' willy-nilly sense of punctuality.

This trooper who just wanted to walk across the mud in Alabama

This little displaced Spartan

This group of people who opted not to wear life jackets

This kid who regrets not sticking to the teacups.

This man who's sitting next to Jorge Garcia, aka Hurley from "Lost". You know, that show where people on a plane crash into an island!?!

And finally...

This little one who's had enough of this "jet lag" you speak of

Do you have a summer vacation nightmare story? Let us know about it in the comments or on Twitter @HPCaTravel Happy trails folks!

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