09/03/2013 02:55 EDT

Aishwarya Rai Goes Tennis Chic In New Photoshoot

Forget the Williams sisters and Maria Sharapova. Aishwarya Rai is the new style queen of the tennis courts!

The L'Oreal spokesperson looks effortlessly glamorous (even though she probably had an army of makeup and hair artists work on her) in a new still from a photoshoot which was recently shot in Dubai.

In the photo, the Bollywood screen legend wears a white-and-black Y-neck dress, a belt with chunky hardwear and a metallic bracelet.

With her eyes rimmed with kohl and her thick brunette hair strengthened, the woman with the most enviable sari collection in the world makes us want to pick up a tennis racket, squeeze into our pleated white skirts and head to the court.

Isn't Ash stunning?

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