09/03/2013 08:27 EDT | Updated 11/03/2013 05:12 EST

Couple's possessions, including rifle, stolen while moving to Victoria, B.C.

WEST SHORE, B.C. - Mounties say a truck full of a couple's personal possessions, including a rifle and chainsaw, was stolen Monday night while they were staying at the Sheraton Hotel in Langford, B.C.

West Shore RCMP say the man and his girlfriend were moving to Victoria from Haida Gwaii.

Police say the stolen items include a Winchester Calibre bolt-action rifle, a road bike, a chainsaw, a violin, two computer tablets, the couple's suitcases and their passports.

The approximate value of the items is upwards of $15,000.

Cpl. Kathy Rochlitz says getting the firearm back is a major concern.

Rochlitz says the police also really want to help the couple get back on their feet.