09/03/2013 12:10 EDT

'Dear Grade 8 Me': Riverside Secondary Students Offer Advice (VIDEO)

"There's an exciting world out there."

"Cheer at the spirit assemblies."

"Make new friends."

Those are just a few pieces of advice that students at Coquitlam's Riverside Secondary School have for their grade 8 selves in a YouTube video titled "Dear Grade 8 Me."

The video, originally posted to YouTube three months ago but posted again by the Coquitlam School District on August 26, shows students in the school's Leadership course offering helpful advice for students about to enter high school.

"Dear Grade 8 Me" comes as teens and children head back to school in British Columbia, with 30,000 students and 3,000 teachers and support staff expected to attend schools in Coquitlam, The Tri-City News reported.

"You'll fit in somewhere," one says.

"Think you're weird?" another asks.

"You'll have each other," a student responds.

A female student warns Grade 8 students not to waste time trying to impress others. The next one says they should stay true to who they are.

"It's okay to be a nerd," says one student.

"Stand up to peer pressure," another advises.

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