Ikea Food: What's Your Favourite Thing To Eat At Ikea?

If you've ever stepped into Ikea, you know your nose will quickly take you to their restaurant or cafe stocked with meatballs, mashed potatoes and that super duper cheap hot dog with mustard and relish.

Recently, the company released a recipe collection featuring the best in seafood, lingonberries and elderflowers — classic ingredients used in Swedish cooking. Some notable recipes for 2014 include a cheese and dill quiche, pancake cake and cold poached salmon with caviar sauce. While a few of these are making us drool, others might require an acquired taste. We're not so sure about the squeeze-tube fish eggs.

While food lovers are flocking to Nordic countries like Sweden, Finland and Denmark for the world's most fashionable cuisine, the Swedes have been known to stick to basic and simple ingredients like fish, grains and berries — similar to what we're seeing on Ikea's roster of ingredients this year.

A revamp of recipes and food products may just be what the furniture maker needs. In February, Ikea hit a roadblock when traces of horse meat was detected in their frozen beef and pork meatballs in Europe. And just a week later, the company had to recall their almond cake products after detecting fecal matter.

But this hasn't stopped Canadian shoppers from pigging out on cheap dogs and frozen yogurt. Here's a look back at some of our favourite Ikea dishes (or their frozen alternatives). Which ones did we miss?

Get the full recipes here, and as the Swedes would say, njuta av din måltid, or enjoy your meal!

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