09/04/2013 09:52 EDT

Bear Steals Picnic Lunch From Family (VIDEO)

For one family who went through the woods one day, they sure got a big surprise.

Steven Myhill-Jones was enjoying a picnic at Vancouver Island’s Botanical Beach with his family when a hungry black bear decided to help himself to a free lunch.

Warned by a passerby that the bear was 10 feet away, Myhill-Jones picked up a log and shouted at the approaching bruin, Global News reported.

“We tried to scare him off, but he was fearless. We retreated, he sat there and ate our lunch,” said Myhill-Jones of the encounter.

According to the Times Colonist, the bear ate all of the family’s packed lunch – strawberries, peaches, butter – everything except the pickled beans.

“I think it kind of offended my wife a little. She made them.”

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