09/04/2013 12:39 EDT | Updated 05/15/2014 02:59 EDT

Carmelo Bruzzese, Mafia Boss Suspect, Arrested In Toronto


Maybe it was a decoy?

How else to explain how alleged mob boss Carmelo Bruzzese wasn't hiding in his ultra-secure, super-secret and completely self-sustained bunker?

Instead, as the National Post reports, the 64-year-old alleged mob ringleader was found at a home in Vaughan, just north of Toronto.

Bruzzese was described in The Toronto Star as a 'key link' between crime families in Calabria and Sicily, extending his influence to this side of the Atlantic. Wiretaps caught him in conversation with top Mafia dog, Giuseppe Commisso.

Last October, Italian prosecutor Nicola Gratteri told The Star, Bruzzese was "a fugitive on charges of Mafia association."

Since then, the international manhunt has included police in both countries, including Canada's Border Services Agency and Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Bruzzese, according to Italy's La Stampa, has been on the run for years, eluding capture in 2010. Italian authorities believed he fled to Canada, where he has family in the Toronto area.

In 2008, the National Post reports, police raids uncovered a high-tech bunker in the basement of a Calabrian home, complete with secret switch behind a shelf that activated a sliding-door entrance.

Bruzzese was arrested in Vaughan on immigration charges, likely to eventually be sent back to Italy to face charges, the Milan Chronicle reports.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story misspelled 'Bruzzese'.

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