09/04/2013 18:58 EDT | Updated 11/04/2013 05:12 EST

CBC's B.C. team nominated for 9 Webster awards

Each year the Webster Awards celebrate the best journalism in B.C., and this year CBC News has been nominated for nine awards for the stories filed by our team in B.C. working on television, radio and online.

This year's CBC nominees are:

Jack Webster Award for Excellence in Digital Journalism

- Devon Goodsell, Jonathan Derouchie, Kali Smith, Stephen Smart, Dan Burritt, Renee Filippone, Mike Laanela, Jennifer Sheppard, Rhiannon Coppin with CBC News Vancouver for B.C. Votes 2013

Best News Reporting of the Year - Radio

- Bob Keating with CBC Radio News in Nelson for Johnsons Landing Slide

- Rick Cluff, Shiral Tobin, Chris Brown, Elaine Chau, Jodie Martinson, Margaret Gallagher with The Early Edition for Pidgin Protests

Best News Reporting of the Year – Television

- Kathy Tomlinson, Mike Clarke with CBC News Vancouver for Budget Rent A Car Rip-off

Best Feature Story - Radio

- Theresa O'Leary and Yvonne Gall with CBC Radio for Restorative Justice

- Garth Mullins, Lisa Hale and Yvonne Gall with CBC Radio's ideas for The Imaginary Albino

- Jodie Martinson with CBC Radio's The Current for To Have & To Hold: Evelyn Amony's Story

Best Feature Story - Television

- Therese Champagne with Radio-Canada Television for My Culture of Rice

Jack Webster Award for Science, Technology, Health & Environment

- Duncan McCue, James Roberts, Doug Trent, and Michelle Billman with CBC News - The National for MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)