09/05/2013 10:13 EDT | Updated 11/05/2013 05:12 EST

Birth control pill recall expands to Esme-28 as a precaution

Mylan Pharmaceuticals, the U.S.-based distributor of birth control pills that recalled Freya-28, has issued its second recall in as many weeks, this time for Esme-28.

"Health Canada has been advised by Mylan Pharmaceuticals that they have been unable to rule out the possibility that Esme-28 was impacted by the same packaging issue involving Freya-28," Canada's regulator said today. "Therefore, as a precaution, Mylan Pharmaceuticals is expanding their recall to include Esme-28."

Last week, Mylan voluntarily recalled Freya-28 birth control pills across Canada after a pharmacy reported a placebo pill was misplaced in one package.

To date, no packaging errors have been identified with Esme-28.

Packages of Esme-28 should have three rows of active pills that are pink and one row of placebo pills in green.

Women who have purchased Esme-28 are advised to:

- Use a non-hormonal method of birth control (such as condoms, spermicidal foam or gel).

- Contact your health-care provider for medical advice.

- Return unopened packages to your pharmacist.

- Report any adverse reactions potentially related to Esme-2 to Health Canada.