09/05/2013 04:21 EDT | Updated 09/05/2013 05:49 EDT

Easter Seals Drop Zone Calgary: Ronald McDonald, Married Gorillas Rappel Off Tower (PHOTOS)

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Superman may have the ability to leap over tall buildings, but how would he fare jumping off them?

That's what Easter Seals Alberta set out to determine Thursday, when they challenged dozens of people to summon their inner superhero and rappel off the side of Calgary's Sun Life Plaza tower.

More than 60 people, costumed in capes, masks and boots, cast aside their fear of heights (and/or wearing a costume in public) to shimmy down 30 storeys as part of the annual Easter Seals Drop Zone fundraiser.

"This is our big chance to tell the community about what we do," said Susan Boivin, CEO for Easter Seals Alberta.

"We get to raise awareness about various programs we offer."

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Money raised from this year's event will be used to help people with disabilities, said Boivin. Specifically, the proceeds will benefit Easter Seals' Camp Horizon, scholarships for students entering post-secondary, and public speakers for high schools across Alberta.

Drop Zone takes place in 15 cities across Canada, this being the ninth year for Calgary.

"In Calgary we've always been the top fundraising city and we have the tallest building, too, so that's really encouraging for our organization," Boivin said.

Familiar faces Derek and Shaunna Todd did a joint drop from the top, dressed in matching 'His and Hers' King Kong costumes.

Derek made quite the impression last year, when he proposed to Shaunna after his 375 ft. drop, dressed in a gorilla suit.

"It's fun that we get to do it together this year," said Shaunna, who celebrated their wedding this summer.

Shaunna's sister, Kristen Northcott, agreed to support her sister and backed herself off the side of the building in a Luigi costume -- despite rating her fear of heights as a "10," she said.

"I just figure I'll conquer a fear while raising money for an excellent cause."

Easter Seals Alberta aims to raise $300,000 each year, but Boivin said this year donations are a bit slow, likely because people feel tapped from the whirlwind of charitable activities stemming from the recent Alberta floods. To donate to Easter Seals Alberta visit their website.