09/06/2013 06:20 EDT | Updated 11/06/2013 05:12 EST

Saint Mary's Student President Resigns Over Sex Chant

The president of the Saint Mary's University Student Association has resigned over a frosh-week chant that promoted non-consensual sex with underage girls.

"It is with deep reflection that I tender my resignation," Jared Perry said in a media release Friday evening. "I believe this action is in the best interests of the students, the association and the university."

He said stepping down would allow the student association to "focus exclusively on the work of re-mediating the damage earlier this week to the reputation of the association and Saint Mary’s University."

He said he will run for president in the byelection for the post he's just vacated at the Halifax university.

"I am personally deeply committed to addressing the damage incurred this week by being part of a long-term change initiative. Also, I believe it is important for the students of Saint Mary's to directly assess my leadership through the electoral process," he said.

Carrigan Desjardins also resigned from the position of vice-president for student life. She was responsible for the frosh week program.

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