09/07/2013 05:09 EDT | Updated 09/07/2013 05:29 EDT

Canadian Flag At Alberta Oil Rig Sparks Heated Debate (PHOTO)

A Canadian flag flying proudly at an Alberta oil rig is leaving some divided on its symbolic value.

Posted on Reddit by user chevy1142, the title of the photo reads, "A buddy of mine took this photo at his rig site in Alberta, Canadian pride all the way through. It may be dirty, but that's the oil patch for ya. At least they are proud."

While the poster intended the photograph to symbolize Canadian pride, some commenters saw it as a symbol of the environmental damage of the "dirty" oilsands.

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"Destroying our country, for our country. So patriotic," said one user.

"I could see this being used as an anti-oilsands poster," said another.

Some users also took offense to the flag being dirty. Others found the criticism unnecessary.

One wrote, "Everything on a rig gets dirty. If they went and got a clean flag it would be dirty by the time it got up the pole."

The original poster responded to some of the comments, saying an optimistic view was intended:

"I did not intend this photo to be taken all the ways it was. I posted it believing people would see what I saw and try to be optimistic. So yeah, I'd be a little pissed if this was used for an anti-oilsands poster. There's also so much people don't understand about the oil patches and what goes on there, I wish people could see both sides and the pros and cons on each and leave it the hell alone. "

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