09/09/2013 03:06 EDT | Updated 03/20/2014 05:59 EDT

American Netflix Isn't Actually Much Better Than Netflix Canada

Everyone thinks American Netflix is infinitely superior to the Canadian version.

The conventional wisdom has led many Canadians to use techniques of questionable legality to access all the awesome American Netflix titles they can't get at home. But using American Netflix means missing out on a surprisingly long list of awesome movies and TV shows that are actually only available in Canada.

While it's true that American Netflix probably has Canada beat when it comes to TV shows ("30 Rock," "Louie," "Parks and Recreation," "Sons of Anarchy," "The West Wing" and everything Star Trek) and sheer volume (the U.S. service has more than double the options), the selection of movies on Canadian Netflix is very competitive.

Add a few standout TV shows, such as "Homeland" and "Community," and you've got a serious debate between which service is actually superior.

Using the mindbogglingly complete Netflix Canada vs. USA blog, The Huffington Post scanned the more than 10,000 titles on American Netflix and the nearly 4,000 titles on Canadian Netflix to bring you the definitive list of everything awesome you can only get north of the border. Check out all titles in the slideshow below.

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