09/09/2013 02:56 EDT | Updated 11/09/2013 05:12 EST

Band of Outsiders presents comfy, urban and sporty clothes, LA style

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Los Angeles-based designer Scott Sternberg, creative director of Band of Outsiders, really, really likes "The House of the Rising Sun." The song played many times both before and during his runway show.

But the show Sunday in a Chelsea gallery space was inspired by much more than a 1960s vibe, Sternberg said afterward.

"Hollywood noir, sirens, bohemia, and Robert Altman's 'The Long Goodbye,'" he said backstage, listing the themes that guided him. "All mixed with something super-sporty, fresh and pure."

Translated into clothes, that meant a lot of very comfortable, sporty yet urban looks which would fit right in in Los Angeles — indeed, the Hollywood sign, or actually the back of it, figured prominently into Sternberg's stylish visuals. But they'd work for a young customer pretty much anywhere else, too, in these informal days.

There was barely a fitted waist in sight. A roomy, sheer long white dress revealed white running shorts underneath, and was paired with sandals made of rope — and comfy black socks (The stiletto-wearing, now blistered feet in the audience must have been sighing with jealousy).

There were huge oversized vests, big nylon skirts, long maxi-dresses, pajama-style pants and wide trench coats. Some designs were as casual as little white shorts and a white T. For a pop of colour, there was a bright green sweater vest with fringes for sleeves.

And there were prints, the nicest of them a silk twill "scarf print" in cobalt blue, red and pink.

There was also a printed see-through rain poncho, worn with absolutely nothing underneath — presumably for those who like being sexy in the rain.