09/09/2013 09:21 EDT | Updated 11/09/2013 05:12 EST

Bieber Concert Collision Deaths Trial Begins

The trial of a driver charged with killing a young couple on their way home from a Justin Bieber concert in Vancouver three years ago got underway Monday.

Johnny De Oliveira, 21, and Becky Dyer, 19, were only two blocks from their homes when a Toyota driven by Andelina Hessimoevick, 23, skidded, flipped over and slammed into their Suzuki Swift.

The couple died instantly and Hessimoevick, now 26, is facing two counts of dangerous driving causing death.

De Oliveira's mother Audrey says the accused should have been forced to see what she had done.

"We had to identify our own children... and they don't see what we had to see.. they aren't cleaned up or anything... they are still a mess... and to see my son lying on a gurney,' she said.

Dyer's mother Debbie feels the same way.

"The families are left with empty chairs at the dinner table... they are left with family functions being laughless."

Crash investigators allege Hessimoevick was driving aggressively on the night of the crash.

Today the court heard she had not been drinking that night and was not using her cell phone while driving.

The trial before a judge only is scheduled to run until Sept. 18.

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