09/10/2013 13:54 EDT | Updated 11/10/2013 05:12 EST

911 called from TIFF screening, cellphone usage reported

Alex Billington describes it as "fighting the good fight" against movie piracy. Toronto police might describe it differently though.

It started a midnight screening of The Sacrament at Ryerson Theatre. Billington, who blogs for the site, was trying to watch the film, but instead was fixated on a man using his phone. He complained first of the person texting, and then reported it was piracy. He says he complained to theatre managers to no avail.

So he took his outrage to Twitter, messaging TIFF director Cameron Bailey and the film's director Ti West.

Then he took "drastic measures" and dialed 911.

The emergency dispatcher laughed at his complaint, according to Billington.

Here's a sample of his Twitter work from the theatre. He has since apologized to emergency services.