09/10/2013 01:11 EDT | Updated 09/10/2013 03:20 EDT

Vancouver Canadians UFO Intervention Questioned As Team Wins Championship (VIDEO)

Did the Vancouver Canadians receive extra-terrestrial help to win their third consecutive Northwest League baseball championship? That's the question some are pondering after the Nat Bailey boys took the cup after beating the Boise Hawks 5-0 on Monday following news of a strange event at the stadium last week.

Spectators at the Nat Bailey Stadium were distracted at the game on on Sept. 3 by a blue object, adorned with the requisite flashing lights, which appeared over the right field fence at the start of the sixth inning. A short video uploaded to YouTube shows an object apparently floating in the air towards Queen Elizabeth Park before the Canadians strolled to a 5-1 win over Everett Aquasox.

UPDATE: The UFO has been claimed as a hoax by the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, reports the Vancouver Sun, and was played as part of an advertising campaign for the institution to promote its refurbished planetarium.

Both team members and fans were tweeting pictures of the flying disc as it hovered above the field, reported The Daily Mail.

The Vancouver Sun noted"cosmic intervention" may have saved the night when the UFO like object was spotted hovering above the right field wall.

Anyone familiar with the less than stellar games by the Canadians this season may have tyurned to the heavens for any help necessary but the theory that such prayers summoned an alien intervention, was quickly thwarted.

Marc Dantonio, chief photo/video analyst for the Mutual UFO Network, the world's largest UFO investigative organization, emailed The Huffington Post with his thoughts.

"I suspect much more strongly, based on the way it was sideslipping to our right a bit while leaning slightly to that side, that this was likely either a lit up kite or a small drone-type object like we created for a Nat Geo show," he wrote.

"The stability makes this more likely a flying small hobby-type drone."

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