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Canadian City Slogans: Fake Mottoes Offer Humourous Take On Municipalities

Science World at night in Vancouver, Canada.

Countries have passports and provinces have license plates but what about cities?

There's the nicknames -- "Hog-town", "The Hammer" or "No Fun City" -- but city mottoes have more history.

As the Toronto Sun points out, several cities have are holding onto their Latin mottoes (we're looking at you Kamloops, B.C.), but many have made the switch to something a little more modern.

Take Montreal's updated slogan of "well-being through harmony" -- a departure from the Latin "Concordia Salus" or salvation through harmony.

Health and well-being are all the rage these days, but is that really the best calling card for a city famous for its bagels, smoked meat and student protests? Since we're on the topic of updating mottoes, we figured now's the time to look at some of the best fake Canadian city slogans we'll (probably) never see.

Did we miss your city? Let us know what your fake mottoes are on Twitter with the #fakecityslogan hashtag or leave one in the comments. If it's good enough, we'll add it to the slideshow.

  • Toronto: "Started From The Bottom And Now We Think We're The Centre Of The Universe"
    Actual Motto: Diversity Our Strength
  • Charlottetown: "Mike Duffy Totally Lives Here"
    Actual Motto: "Birthplace of Confederation"
  • Halifax: "There's A Lot To Do Here, But Most Of It Involves Drinking"
    Actual Motto: "From the Sea, Wealth"
  • Regina: "We're Tired Of Your Vagina Jokes Already"
    Actual Motto: "Let The Queen Flourish
  • Medicine Hat, Alta: "Rat Free Since -- Oh Wait..."
    Actual Motto: By Courage and Faith
  • Montreal: "Come For The Bagels, Leave Because Of Our Divisive Political Atmosphere"
    Actual Motto: "Well-Being Through Harmony"
  • Victoria: Did You Bring The Doritos, Man?
    Actual Motto: Forever free
  • Winnipeg: "Now With 100% More NHL Hockey, Still 0% Chance Of Winning The Cup"
    Actual Motto: "One with the Strength of Many"
  • Vancouver: "If We Were Any More Relaxed, We'd Be Napping"
    Actual Motto: By Sea, Land, and Air We Prosper"
  • Iqaluit: "Yeah, This Is Pretty Much Everybody."
    The Associated Press
    Actual Motto: Our land, our strength.
  • Edmonton: "We Don't Get Nearly As Much Bad Publicity As Calgary Does"
    Actual Motto: Industry, Integrity, Progress

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