09/11/2013 21:53 EDT | Updated 11/11/2013 05:12 EST

'Friendly' deer put down by conservation officers

Conservation officers have put down a deer that was approaching people near Vernon.

Dozens of people reported the friendly buck nuzzling them, or sometimes pushing them with its antlers in the Coldstream area.

The animal also reportedly walked onto a school playground and got its antlers caught in a child's backpack last week.

The B.C. Conservation Service had said they would try and tranquilize the deer, but a spokesperson from the Ministry of the Environment said the deer's behaviour was escalating because of the arrival of mating season and relocation was not an option.

"When any kind of wildlife comes in contact with humans and gets access to our food," said Marnie Cuthill, spokeswoman for Wildsafe BC.

"They become habituated to our food and as we can see with the Coldstream deer it doesn't often end well for the wildlife."