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National Household Survey: Calgary Home To The Most One-Percenters By Population, Highest Income

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In today's not-so-shocking news: Calgarians are doing a good job of bringing home the bacon.

According to today's released data from Statistics Canada's 2011 National Household Survey, Calgary has the most one-percenters relative to its population, with 2.9 per cent of Calgarians making the list of Canada's top earners.

In order to make it into the top one percent, workers are required to earn at least $191,000, and figures show Canada's one percent earned an average of $381,000.

Combined, Ontario and Alberta accounted for almost two-thirds of one-percenters in Canada.

Fort McMurray also made the list of top earners -- the highest income in Canada is found in the oilsands town, where the median family income is $186,782.

The survey examines data collected from 2010, which found that 28,515 one-percenters live in Calgary, while 13,815 call Edmonton home.

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National Household Survey Highlights

Almost 57,000 of Canada's one-percenters live in Alberta, while, by contrast, 117,615 come from Ontario.

According to the survey, the majority of Canada's one percent work in the following occupations:

- Management: 38.8 per cent

- Health: 14.3 per cent

- Business, Finance and Administration: 13.7 per cent

- Law, Community and Government Services: 11 per cent and

- Natural and Applied Sciences: 9.9 per cent.

Resource-heavy Alberta also boasted the biggest wage earners by province, where the median salary of full-time employees was $55,507.

And while the median salary for Canadians working full-time, year-round in 2010 was $47,8686, Calgarians posted the highest full-time incomes, at $57,567, while Edmonton posted the third highest in the county, at $56,388.