09/12/2013 10:42 EDT

Oshawa's Lakeridge Health Ad Takes Jab At Proposed Quebec Values Charter


Lakeridge Health, a hospital in Oshawa, Ont., has taken a jab at Quebec's controversial values charter in a new ad.

The ad, which the hospital says will run in the Montreal area, was posted on Thursday morning and features a young woman in a Muslim headscarf.

The proposed charter would forbid public servants in the province from wearing religious items such as turbans, hijabs, kippahs and large crucifixes.

The PQ released details of the legislation earlier this week. "The time has come to unite us around clear values and common rules," said minister Bernard Drainville.

"This is measured, balanced. Quebec is increasingly a multiethnic, multireligious society. This is a great source of richness. It's also why we need clear rules."

The charter has been criticized by the federal NDP, Liberals and the Conservatives. Minister Jason Kenney has vowed that Ottawa would issue a legal challenge to the charter if it was passed by Quebec's National Assembly.

Earlier this month, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi also urged Quebecers who felt threatened by the proposed law to Alberta.

"If we are not able to attract the very best people from around the world to want to work and learn and invest and raise families in this country, we don’t have a future as a country," Nenshi said.

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