09/12/2013 03:02 EDT | Updated 11/12/2013 05:12 EST

Manraj Singh Gill, Abbotsford Man, Arrested On Trafficking Charges

ABBOTSFORD, B.C. - An Abbotsford, B.C., man labelled a public safety concern by police has been arrested on trafficking charges, just months after he was accused of attempted murder in Alberta.

Police say an emergency response team entered Manraj Singh Gill's home on Sept. 5 and found heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine along with a loaded zipgun, or improvised firearm.

Const. Ian MacDonald said Gill is the same man charged last January in Strathmore, Alta., with the 2007 attempted murder of Dustin Cammer.

He's accused of stabbing the man multiple times, Macdonald said in an interview.

Gill is known to police in both B.C. and Alberta, he said.

"He is considered to be a gang associate and a public safety to concern to the Abbotsford Police Department," a police news release stated.

MacDonald said they began identifying people as "public safety concerns" in the aftermath of Abbotsford being called the homicide capital of Canada.

"We label almost 200 people that way."

The force created its own gang suppression unit that works with a crime analyst who develops the list, he explained.

"It's an internal list, and people, sometimes they drop off the list because they're deceased on incarcerated or move out of town. They can come onto the list, obviously, if they're a new player in town and they fluctuate up and down the list, depending on what relevant information we get."

He said the top 10 per cent of those on the list would have more direct contact from police, which could even include the so-called duty to warn.

"So you've already had those conversations (to say) 'hey listen, someone's trying to kill you if you didn't know.'"

MacDonald said Gill is considered a mid-level gang associate, but he made it onto the upper levels of their public safety list, somewhere in the top 25.

Gill was out on bail for the attempted murder charge and is still on probation for firearm and drug offences, he said.

On the latest trafficking charges, Gill remains in jail at least until he appears in court again on Sept. 17.

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