09/12/2013 02:34 EDT

TIFF 2013 Red Carpet: Celebrities Grin And Bear Taking Photos With Fans (PHOTOS)

When the celebrities walk the red carpet at the Toronto Film Festival, there's an expectation that they greet their fans, pose for photos and give out autographs.

While most are happy to do so, sometimes it looks as if they can barely wait to get away from the screaming hoard and head to the safety of their limousine.

TIFF 2013 has seen its fair share of celebs invade the city including Brad Pitt's hot mug, happy Keanu Reeves, sexy Scarlett Johansson, pregnant Kate Winslet and Julia Roberts.

As a result of the Hollywood bombardment, many fans (including us truly) went a bit cray cray when they spotted their favourite celebrity and luckily, photographers were on hand to capture the hilarious intensity on the fans' faces and the reaction of their object of obsession.

We take some liberties in interpreting the reaction of the celebrities faces' when interacting with their fans:

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