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Vintage Travel Accessories: 10 Relics That Time Forgot (PHOTOS)

Travel Consultant Sarah Kingswood holds the new Travellers Cheques in Euro denominations in central London Wednesday, December 30, 1998. The single European currency (Euro) travellers cheques are on sale to Briton's travelling to the European countries participating in the new single currency. Britain is one of the European countries not taking part in the European single currency launch on January 1, 1999. (AP Photo/Danialle Smith)

There’s no graveyard for items irrelevant in the travel world.

But perhaps there should be as we recall the days, some not long ago, when hotel keys were really keys, not encoded plastic cards, and ladies boarded flights with a chic vanity case in hand.

In some cases, travel relics stir a nostalgic response. What hotel guest wasn't tickled by the presence of a vibrating bed in their room? A fistful of quarters to feed into the slot meant a fun, shaky night ahead.

In other instances, it’s a case of R.I.P and "don’t let the door hit you on the way out".

There was a time when flying the friendly skies meant smokers could light up with abandon from the time they boarded a flight to the time they left. Since 1989, smoking on flights has been prohibited; but on older planes, you still might see ashtrays in the arms of the seat and light-up no-smoking signs.

Modern technology has also lead to the devise of things like traveller’s cheques. With the arrival of debit cards and worldwide ATMs, their usefulness has been eclipsed.

And no one misses the days when airline staff handwrote boarding passes and luggage tags. Speaking of luggage, when it comes to suitcases, we’ve come a long way, baby.

Before commercial flights began, travelling any kind of distance meant packing up a trunk for the long journey ahead. When we began to fly, suitcases arrived and, as we turned into chronic over-packers, they sprang two wheels, then four, and then swivelling ones to boot.

So before we jump into space travel and beyond, let’s pay homage to the travel items we have loved and lost over the years. May you rest in peace.

10 Forgotten Travel Relics

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