09/12/2013 20:09 EDT | Updated 11/12/2013 05:12 EST

'What's the best band ever?' Stephen Quinn wants to know

What's "the best band ever"? CBC Radio host Stephen Quinn is looking for a solid, definitive, objective answer to the age-old question.

Think the Beatles were the best, due to their constant evolution and experimentation, universal influence, and stunning good looks? David Taylor might agree.

"The Beatles! No other band changed the direction of music nearly as much as they," Taylor wrote in.

Maybe Queen is the best, due to Freddie Mercuy's indisputably electric vocal?

Perhaps Nickleback, for their unwavering Canadian pride and ability to deal with criticism?

For James Brouwer it's an underdog with solid street cred.

"The Velvet Underground: impeccably fine songs shot through with dissonance and uncertainty. The songs are great because they're never too polished; the rough edges give your ears something to hold on to," Brouwer wrote in.

Think you know?

Then make your case in an email to Stephen at and tell him who the best band ever is — not your favourite band, not the band you listened to growing up — but the objective, inarguable best!

Your best answers will be read on the air by Stephen Quinn on On The Coast in Vancouver every afternoon at 5:25 p.m.