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Canadian Women's Median Income Is Highest In Iqaluit (PHOTOS)


In Canada's north, it seems like the glass ceiling has been cracked.

Statistics Canada's third and final installment of the National Household Survey provides a bank of information on family and individual incomes of Canadians.

According to data from StatsCan's survey of those aged 15 and older, in most if not all surveyed Canadian cities women have higher incomes than men until they reach a certain salary range, which varies from city to city. There is almost always more men than women in the salary ranges above $50,000-60,000.

StatsCan's numbers indicate that women's incomes concentrated more at the bottom end of the wage scale than at the top.

But in Iqaluit, there are more women who make between $80,000 and $125,000 than there are men, and the city's median income for women is the highest in the country.

In Toronto, women are in the lead up until the $40,000-$49,000 range. After that, men have the higher numbers.

The same goes for Calgary, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Victoria, Montreal, Fredericton, St. John's, Regina and Vancouver.

But in Yellowknife, women lose the higher-income lead at the $60,000-79,000 salary range, and in Whitehorse it's almost a tie at the $60,000-$80,000 mark.

Check out the slideshow below to see how much men and women make across Canada:

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