09/12/2013 04:46 EDT

'Young Wonder' TIFF Short Goes Inside A Little Boy's Mind (VIDEO)

A little boy playing with his toys alone in his room is one of the most iconic images of childhood. But what, exactly, is going on inside that child's mind?

That's the question answered by the innovative short film "Young Wonder" playing at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The movie, which bills itself as an exercise in fulfilling "fanboy fantasies," uses digital effects to illustrate that the act of a boy banging two pieces of plastic together has more meaning than it seems.

"Young Wonder" is among a number of short films to generate serious buzz at TIFF this year, largely thanks to a strategy of posting the films on YouTube.

"Noah," a TIFF short that takes place entirely on a teen's computer screen, has made headlines around the world and racked up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views.

"Young Wonder," which was directed by former Toronto advertising creative James Wilkes, is also a hit on YouTube.

You can check out all of the short films playing at TIFF this year here.

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