09/13/2013 06:00 EDT | Updated 11/13/2013 05:12 EST

Family upset after police officer shoots injured deer

A family who came across an injured deer in western Quebec say area police shouldn’t have shot and killed it.

Greg Searle said he was driving home to Chelsea on Highway 105 Monday when he found a fawn that had been hit by another car.

He said it couldn’t move its hind legs, but didn’t seem to have any further injuries.

Searle said around the time his wife Samantha Biron and daughter arrived and called a local vet, an MRC des Collines police officer arrived and said he was going to put the deer out of its pain.

Officer threatened arrest when asked for more time, man says

The vet told the family to contact the only animal sanctuary in the region that can take in wild animals, so Searle said he asked the officer for more time.

Searle said the officer refused and threatened to arrest Biron before killing the fawn.

"He wasn’t very interested and started to ask Samantha to leave or he would arrest her if she didn’t move. This was repeated several times until he called for backup and gave her a final warning so she left, crying," he said.

Searle’s photo of the officer pointing his handgun at the deer’s head spread quickly when he posted it online.

The family has also launched a petition asking the MRC des Collines to review how they deal with injured animals.

"We have since reached that sanctuary and they did tell us, yes, had we reached them they would have been willing to come take the fawn, assess its injuries and rehabilitate it, or euthanize it depending on the extent of its internal injuries if it had any," Biron said.

A spokesman for the MRC des Collines did not return multiple requests for comment on Friday.