09/13/2013 12:11 EDT | Updated 11/12/2013 05:12 EST

Group floating the idea of a new community-owned wind farm for Saskatoon

SASKATOON - A group in Saskatoon is holding a public meeting to see if wind energy could power the city.

The group, Saskatoon Community Wind, began looking into the idea of a wind farm just over a year ago.

President James Glennie says he talked to a lot of people in the city about the landfill wind project and why it didn't work, so he started looking into it.

Glennie, a geophysicist with 23 years of experience, says that project failed because it was a small, single turbine and had a poor location in the city.

His new proposal would consist of 10 wind turbines located 15 to 30 kilometres outside the city that would generate electricity for 16,000 residents.

Glennie says the farm should be community owned, saying he has worked with similar groups in Germany and Denmark.

"The economics of this are attractive and if you can give people an attractive investment opportunity with very low risk people will invest."

Glennie estimates it would cost $50 million.

"This project can only work if the city is behind it because the idea of this project is that it will sell its electricity to Saskatoon Light and Power which is municipally owned," he says.

"The City wants to know what the public thinks about it before they have a formal position."