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Jason Raymond Schell Charged In Edmonton's Biggest Stolen Goods Bust

Video From CBC Calgary

It may be the largest loot of stolen goods in Edmonton history but it may also be the weirdest collection of swiped stuffs ever collected in the country.

Yes, there were watches, credit cards, motorcycles and motorcycle helmets.

But among the 45 pallets of stolen goods were countless animal heads, such as crocodile, bison and bears. There was even a stuffed and mounted mythical jackalope, two bathtubs, a sink and crates full of booze, reports the Edmonton Journal.

According to the Edmonton Police Service, tips from the public led investigators to the Cumberland-area home in the city's northwest, where they found what they call the biggest haul of stolen goods in the history of the force.

Service members found hundreds of stolen items in the house, a garage and in the yard, with which they filled several five-tonne trucks.

“This project took an incredible amount of resources. Police have put more than 1,100 hours of time into this project and more than 28 officers and civilian EPS exhibit technicians were involved in just the seizure portion of this operation,” said Sgt. Joe Lewis of the West Division Criminal Investigation Section.

“The sheer volume of items that were seized means that there will be many complainants who will receive good news and will be getting their stolen goods back."

According to the CBC there were also boomerangs and a Jacuzzi tub, barbecues and lawn mowers.

"Almost reminded me of a layout you would find at store," said Staff Sgt. Kevin Fald, adding the suspect is likely a middleman who is part of a larger criminal ring.

There were also a stuffed hawk, an ostrich egg and collector's Oilers jersey, according to Global News Edmonton.

Other seized items include:

-Five pallets of assorted liquor valued at $35,000

-24 men’s watches valued at $11,000

-13 sets of tires and rims valued at $15,000

-46 motorcycle helmets valued at $8,850

-Hundreds of home improvement store gift certificates valued at $13,000

-19 sets of golf clubs

Schell, 34, is facing more than 200 charges, including breach of conditions, breach of firearm prohibition, possession of weapon dangerous to public peace, possession of stolen property over $5000, possession of stolen property under $5000 and possess credit card data.

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