09/13/2013 08:22 EDT

Most Stressful Jobs In Canada, And The Least (PHOTOS)


Crack open a bottle of your finest Chardonnay, receptionists of Canada. You have the least stressful job in the country.

At least that's what Adzuna, a UK-based company that runs a search engine for jobs, says in a new study on stress levels of various careers.

The firm, which expanded to Canada in May, looked at several characteristics in each job, including physical and emotional stress, salary and satisfaction.

Stress was calculated from travel, deadlines, and competitiveness, as well as risk to own life and others, Adzuna said in an email to the Huffington Post. Those factors are then put through a formula, which yields a score for the job and gives it a ranking.

Some findings in the report caught us by surprise. A courier, for example, seems to have a more stressful job than a nurse. And although seeing "journalist" as the fourth most stressful job in Canada brought a sense of justice to many currently red-eyed reporters, the job also made Adzuna's list of worst jobs in Canada... Uh oh.

Check out the full rankings in the slideshow below:

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