09/13/2013 12:56 EDT

'Polar Bear Technician' Might Be The Most Canadian Job Title Ever


Bet you didn't know polar bears need technicians.

According to the federal government, they certainly do. The Department of the Environment is looking for a polar bear technician, and offering between $64,139 and $78,031 a year to whoever can fill those shoes.

Reddit user Brennanlemon recently posted the job ad under the headline "Only in Canada could one have this job title."

Technically, this job title could exist in Russia or Greenland as well, but yes, it doesn't get much more Canadian than this.

The job requires someone with "significant experience in organizing and conducting field research of wildlife in the Arctic and/or other remote locations," as well as "experience in the capture or immobilization of large wildlife." And experience operating firearms would be an asset.

Hmm, is Farley Mowat still available?

What are the most Canadian job titles you can think of? Leave your suggestions in the comments below or tweet at us with the hashtag #MostCanadianJob and we'll feature the best answers in an upcoming story.

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