09/14/2013 06:01 EDT

Edmonton Toddler Found In Car, Aunt Charged, Say Police

Dual zone automatic climate control knob in a modern car.
Dual zone automatic climate control knob in a modern car.

The aunt of a two-year-old boy has been charged after the toddler was allegedly found unattended in a locked vehicle.

Police say a concerned citizen reported the incident and rescued the child after she noticed he had an active nose bleed.

“The citizen believed the child was in medical distress and made the decision to react immediately,” says Sgt. Gary Willits. “She was able to unlock the doors through a partially open window, remove the child from his car seat and call police.”

The vehicle was in a retail lot at 23 Avenue and 111 Street and the toddler did not require any serious medical assistance.

According to witnesses, he was unsupervised for around 25 minutes.

The outside temperature at the time was more than 30 degrees.

The is the second time in the past week that Edmonton police have laid charges concerning children left in cars.

A mother was charged after an infant was found unattended inside a locked mini-van on Wednesday.

Witnesses say the seven-month-old, who did not require medical care, was alone inside the vehicle for at least 20 minutes.

Both women face a charge of wilfully causing a child to be in need of intervention.

Police say a vehicle is not a babysitter, and a child left alone could suffer medical distress from rising temperature.

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