09/14/2013 12:05 EDT | Updated 11/14/2013 05:12 EST

Julien Macdonald dishes up plenty of glitz and glamor at London Fashion Week show

LONDON - Tailoring? Monochrome? It doesn't matter what other designers are putting on their catwalks: Whatever the trends are, Julien Macdonald can always be relied upon to dazzle with sparkly, glamorous and ultra-sexy dresses.

Models at Macdonald's London Fashion Week show were decked out in little numbers or flowing gowns designed to flaunt and wow. Saturday's showcase opened with knee-length tight dresses covered in copper and gold baroque sequin patterns and nude mesh cutouts. They were followed by a series of dresses, floor-length evening gowns and bodysuits, all encrusted in metallic toned sequins and jewels.

Many of the outfits left little to the imagination. Some were open down both sides of the body, held together only by flimsy crochet patterns and lace work. Macdonald doesn't do subtlety, and the only toned-down elements were the colour scheme of nude, peachy tones, light gold and silver, as well as simple makeup and slicked-back ponytails.

Some may find the clothes tacky, but Macdonald has to be admired for being so unabashedly glamorous and so consistent in his vision. And he knows he has a steady fan base, made up of celebrities and women looking for a showstopper at parties.

Macdonald came out at the end, beaming with one model on each arm — but not before a burst of gold confetti came down on the catwalk with a bang.

"These clothes are for women who want to be women," Macdonald said after the show. "Just have fun and enjoy fashion."