09/15/2013 04:54 EDT | Updated 09/15/2013 06:39 EDT

Naheed Nenshi's Advice To His 23-Year-Old Self (VIDEO)

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi had some honest advice for his younger self.

"The 23-year-old Naheed was working on Bay Street in Toronto, making a lot of money, thinking about graduate school," said the mayor in a video that's part of The Agenda's series Dude: Where's My Future.

"He thought he had it going on," said Nenshi with a smile.

Nenshi had two key pieces of advice for himself. First, he said, the 23-year-old body does not return.

"Keep going to the gym and make sure you don't let it slide," he said.

Secondly, he told his younger self that there's a lot more to life than a paycheque, and that he knew this in his heart. He reminded himself he had the power to make real changes in the community, even at a younger age.

"Get on it," he said.

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