09/16/2013 06:34 EDT | Updated 11/16/2013 05:12 EST

Guns, ammo and drugs seized in Penticton arrest

A Penticton, B.C., man has been arrested for allegedly trying to evade police by hopping on a motorcycle and taking off with a backpack full of guns, ammunition and drugs.

RCMP say last Wednesday evening Andrew Robert Hardenstine -- who was recently released from custody on various court imposed conditions -- was spotted leaving an apartment building on the 100 block of Roy Ave.

The officers noticed he was carrying a backpack with what appeared to be a long gun draped in cloth sticking out.

When police moved in to arrest Hardenstine, they allege he jumped on a stolen KTM enduro motorcycle parked in a nearby alleyway.

As he tried to flee, he allegedly stuck an unmarked police car and was knocked to the ground. He was then taken down and arrested by three officers, but not before he broke one of the officer's wrists.

Police allege he was caught with:

- An SKS semi automatic assault rifle with a folding stock.

- A loaded 9mm handgun with laser sight and silencer capabilities.

- A plastic bottle containing approximately 100 ml of GHB.

- 50 shotgun shells, 73 9-mm rounds, and 10 long gun rifle rounds.

After the arrest, police used a search warrant to raid the nearby apartment, arrested a 40-year-old woman and seized a small amount of GHB and methamphetamine. Police say the woman could be charged with possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking.

Hardenstine was held in custody pending a court hearing on Monday to face 11 charges including five firearm offences, three drug charges, obstructing a police officer and failing to comply.

Investigators also confirmed that the KTM motorcycle operated by Hardenstine was a stolen motorbike from McLure B.C.