09/16/2013 01:08 EDT | Updated 11/16/2013 05:12 EST

Mountie Touting Road Safety Charged With Speeding

An RCMP officer honoured for his work improving road safety will appear in court in North Vancouver this week to face a charge of excessive speeding.

Cpl. Michael Arbulic deliberately sped through a speed trap on the Upper Levels Highway last year on Valentine's Day, North Vancouver Insp. Dave Attfield said.

Arbulic apparently meant it as a prank against his traffic enforcement colleagues and wasn't ticketed, Attfield said.

But at least one member felt that was wrong, and complained, prompting an internal investigation.

Now, Arbulic has been summoned to court on a charge of excessive speeding.

Attfield won't say how fast Arbulic was going, but a charge of excessive speed means more than 40 kilometres over the limit.

Court records reveal a person named Michael Arbulic was fined for excessive speeding once before in 2004.

Attfield says Arbulic has not been disciplined internally, but he apologized and donated the equivalent of what would have been a speeding ticket to charity.

For the past two years, Arbulic has been honoured as a member of a team of officers who ticketed, suspended, or otherwise got at least 12 impaired drivers off the road in a year.

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